2022 Pembroke Pines Community Interest and Opinion Survey

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Recreation Facilities/Amenities
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[ Q1 ]
Please select each of the following recreation amenities/facilities provided by the City of Pembroke Pines that you use.
[ Q1a ]
Please rate your satisfaction with each of the recreation amenties/facilities you selected.
01. Athletic fields
02. Community center
03. Cultural art facilities
04. Dog park
05. Fitness equipment
06. Golf courses
07. Large community parks
08. Open space or lawn
09. Outdoor sport courts (basketball/tennis)
10. Picnic shelters
11. Pools
12. Playgrounds
13. Restrooms
14. Senior center
15. Small neighborhood parks
16. Spaces for hosting special events
17. Walking paths
[ Q2 ]
Which THREE of these parks and recreation amenities/facilities do you think should receive the MOST ATTENTION from the City of Pembroke Pines over the next TWO years?
[ Q3 ]
How would you rate the overall quality of the City of Pembroke Pines recreation amenities listed above in Question 1 that you and members of your household have used during the past 12 months?