2021 ODOT Statewide Transportation Preference Survey

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[ Q1 ]
How often do you typically use each of the following modes of transportation to get to the places you need to go (e.g., work, school, store, health care)?
1. Drive alone
2. Drive/Ride with others you know (carpool)
3. Drive/Ride with others for hire (Uber/Lyft/Taxi)
4. Public transportation
5. Motorcycles
6. Bike/E-Bike/Scooter/E-Scooter
7. Walk
[ Q2 ]
Are you employed?
[ Q2a ]
PRIOR to COVID-19, how often did you work from home?
[ Q2b ]
AFTER the current COVID-19 Pandemic is over, how often do you plan or anticipate working from home?