2021 City of Lake Oswego Resident Survey

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Quality of Life and City Services
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[ Q1 ]
Please rate Lake Oswego as a place to live with regard to each of the following quality of life items.
01. Overall quality of life in Lake Oswego
02. Lake Oswego as a community that is moving in the right direction
03. Lake Oswego as a place to find a job
04. Lake Oswego as a place to live
05. Lake Oswego as a place to open a business
06. Lake Oswego as a place to raise children
07. Lake Oswego as a place to retire
08. Lake Oswego as a place to visit
09. Lake Oswego as a place to work
10. Lake Oswego as a welcoming and inclusive community
11. Overall sense of community
12. Overall feeling of safety in Lake Oswego
[ Q2 ]
Please rate your overall satisfaction with the following major services provided by the City of Lake Oswego.
01. Overall effectiveness of City's communication with the public
02. Overall effectiveness of City's efforts towards sustainability (meeting the community's needs without compromising the needs of future generations)
03. Overall effectiveness of City's efforts to respond to climate change (e.g., reducing carbon emissions)
04. Overall efforts to promote equity in the community
05. Overall quality of economic development
06. Overall quality of public safety
07. Overall quality of human services (support for people in times of need)
08. Overall quality of development services
09. Overall quality of parks properties and facilities
10. Overall quality of recreation activities, events and services
11. Overall quality of public art and arts programming
12. Overall quality of public transportation
13. Overall quality of the City's public library services
14. Overall quality of natural resources including streams, wetlands, and urban forests
[ Q3 ]
Which THREE of the items listed in Question 2 do you think should receive the MOST EMPHASIS from City leaders over the next TWO years?