2021 Atchison Community Survey

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Perceptions of the Community
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[ Q1 ]
Please rate your satisfaction with each of the following items that may influence your perception of the community.
1. Overall quality of life in Atchison
2. Overall image/appearance/aesthetics of the community
3. Overall quality of services provided by the City of Atchison
4. Overall quality of Downtown Atchison
5. Overall feeling of safety in the community
6. Overall quality of housing options
7. Overall value that you receive for your City tax dollars and fees
8. Overall progress on development and redevelopment efforts
[ Q2 ]
Please rate your satisfaction with each of the following major City services.
1. Overall quality of parks and other City facilities
2. Overall condition of streets/bridges/sidewalks
3. Overall quality of water and wastewater utility services
4. Overall enforcement of City codes/ordinances
5. Overall quality of police department services
6. Overall quality of fire department services
7. Overall quality of City solid waste and recycling services
8. Overall customer service experience with City employees
[ Q3 ]
Which THREE of the items listed in Question 2 do you think are MOST IMPORTANT to provide?
[ Q4 ]
Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements regarding City government/administration.
1. Atchison's City government is democratic and representative
2. Atchison's City government is transparent
3. The City of Atchison is efficient
4. The City of Atchison is innovative
5. The City of Atchison's leadership is accessible/available/visible
6. Atchison's City government values diversity
7. The City of Atchison's leaders are ethical and honest
8. Atchison's government leaders listen to what citizens have to say
9. It is important for the City and County to have a positive and productive relationship
[ Q5 ]
Please select the THREE items you believe would have the greatest impact on improving the quality of your neighborhood.