2022 Bozeman Parks and Recreation Community Survey

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Usage, Overall Experience, and Barriers to Use
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[ Q1 ]
During a typical year, do you or anyone in your household visit the parks, trails and recreational facilities offered within the City of Bozeman (e.g., playgrounds, parks, athletic fields, dog parks, community centers, pools, trails or other facilities)?
[ Q1a ]
How often do you or others in your household visit a City of Bozeman park, trail, or recreational facility as described above?
[ Q1b ]
Overall, please rate your experience with the following City of Bozeman parks, trails, recreation, and active transportation facilities. If you have not experienced any of the following items, please select "Don't Know."
1. Park(s)
2. Recreation Facility(ies)
3. Aquatic Facility(ies)
4. Trails (natural, gravel, or paved)
5. Sidewalks
6. Paved shared-use bike/pedestrian pathways (typically next to a street)
7. Biking on the street (e.g., in bike lanes)
8. Travel by bus
[ Q2 ]
Can you reach a park or recreation facility from your home within 10 minutes by means other than car?
[ Q3 ]
Over the past five years, how often have you typically visited a park or recreation facility?
[ Q4 ]
Please indicate which of the following are the biggest barriers to you or anyone in your household visiting parks, trails, or facilities.
[ Q4x11 ]
Please define "Something else."
[ Q5 ]
Which TWO of the barriers from the list in Question 4 are the biggest barriers to your household?