DART 2022 Paratransit Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Eligibility and Travel
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[ Q1 ]
What documents do you have readily available to verify your disability status and/or transportation needs?
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Please define "Other."
[ Q2 ]
Please rate how easy the following two medical verification options are to obtain.
DART-provided verification form (Licensed Provider Verification Form) completed by your medical provider
A signed medical statement from a medical provider on their letterhead stationery documenting your specialized transportation needs
[ Q3 ]
Please rate your level of agreement with the following statement. "The current Bus Plus (ADA Complementary Program) eligibility process for paratransit users is easy to understand."
[ Q4 ]
If Fixed Route service was made available to you for free, would you utilize Fixed Route for some of your trips?
[ Q5 ]
Where do you most often travel from?
[ Q6 ]
Where do you most often travel to?
[ Q7 ]
What is the ZIP code of your home address?