2022 City of College Park Community Survey

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Perceptions of the City
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[ Q1 ]
Please rate each of the following aspects of the quality of life in College Park.
1. College Park as a place to live
2. Your neighborhood as a place to live
3. College Park as a place to raise children
4. College Park as a place to work
5. College Park as a place to visit
6. College Park as a place to retire
7. The overall quality of life in College Park
[ Q2 ]
Please rate each of the following characteristics as they relate to College Park as a whole.
01. Overall feeling of safety in College Park
02. Overall appearance of College Park
03. Cleanliness of College Park
04. Overall quality of new development in College Park
05. Variety of housing options
06. Shopping opportunities
07. Overall economic health of College Park
08. Cost of living in College Park
09. Opportunities to attend cultural activities
10. Recreational opportunities
11. Availability of parks and playgrounds
12. Employment opportunities
13. K-12 education
14. Sense of community in College Park
15. Opportunities to participate in social events and activities
16. Opportunities to volunteer
17. Opportunities to participate in community matters
18. Openness and acceptance of the community toward people of diverse backgrounds
19. Overall ease of accessibility in College Park
20. Ease of car travel in College Park
21. Ease of travel by public transportation in College Park
22. Ease of bicycle travel in College Park
23. Ease of walking in College Park
24. Availability of paths and walking trails
25. Traffic flow on major streets
26. Quality of overall natural environment in College Park
27. Tree canopy
28. Overall image or reputation of College Park