2021 Jefferson County Community Survey

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Visioning Issues
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[ Q1 ]
How important will each of the following be to the overall quality of life in Jefferson County over the next 20 years?
01. Bike lanes, walkability
02. College and post-secondary education
03. Economic development
04. Environmental stewardship and sustainability
05. Health care access
06. Housing
07. Job Opportunities
08. Land use planning
09. Pace of growth
10. Parks, trails, and open space
11. Public education (K-12)
12. Public transit system
13. Safety, low crime
14. Services for senior citizens
15. Social Justice/Equity/Inclusivity
16. Storm shelters
17. Support systems for those in need
18. Traffic flow
19. Well maintained roads
20. Workforce development (job training)
[ Q2 ]
Which FOUR of the items listed above do you think should be the County's top priorities for the next 5 years?
[ Q3 ]
Please rate your satisfaction with each of the following items.
1. Overall image of Jefferson County
2. How well the County is managing growth
3. Quality of life in Jefferson County
4. Value you receive for your County taxes
5. Ease of travel in Jefferson County
6. Quality of customer service you receive from County employees
7. Effectiveness of County communication with the public
8. Overall quality of services provided by Jefferson County