2021 Pitkin County Community Survey

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Overall Quality of Life in the County
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[ Q1 ]
Please rate your satisfaction with each of the following items concerning the overall quality of life in the county.
1. As a place to live
2. As a place to raise and educate children
3. As a place to work
4. As a flourishing natural environment (air quality, recreation, noise mitigation, dark skies & water quality and quantity)
5. As a flourishing built environment
6. As a place where everyone is respected, regardless of race, gender, age, language, sexual identity, or other identity characteristics
7. As a place that is inclusive of full time, part time, and new residents
8. Overall sense of community
[ Q2 ]
Which THREE of the items listed in Question 1 do you think should receive the MOST EMPHASIS from County leaders over the next TWO years?