2023 Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation Community Interest and Opinion Survey

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How important are parks, recreation services, and open space to the quality of life in Carmel?
Please rate your level of agreement with the following benefits that you and your household may receive from parks, recreation services, and open space provided by Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation.
01. Connect people, build stronger families and neighborhoods
02. Improve physical health and wellness
03. Make Carmel a more desirable place to live
04. Preserve open space and natural areas
05. Improve mental health and reduce stress
06. Provide employment opportunities for youth/young adults
07. Increase property values in surrounding areas
08. Help attract new residents and businesses
09. Provide places for people to enjoy outdoors
10. Other
Please define "Other."
Which THREE of the benefits from the list in Question 2 are MOST IMPORTANT to you and members of your household?
In the last 12 months, how often have you used the following parks and recreation facilities provided by Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation?
01. The Waterpark
02. Monon Community Center
03. Central Park (excluding The Waterpark and Monon Community Center)
04. Carey Grove Park
05. Flowing Well Park
06. Founders Park
07. Hazel Landing Park
08. Lawrence W. Inlow Park
09. Meadowlark Park
10. River Heritage Park
11. West Park
12. Midtown Plaza/Monon Boulevard (Main Street to Walnut Street)
13. Monon Greenway (excluding Midtown/Monon Boulevard section)
14. Hagan-Burke or Greyhound Trails
15. White River Greenway
Which THREE parks or facilities from the list in Question 3 are MOST FREQUENTLY used by you or members of your household?
How would you rate the overall condition of all the Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation locations you have visited?