2023 Orange County Resident Survey

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Agreement and Satisifaction
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[ Q1 ]
Which THREE of the following items do you believe will be the MOST critical roles for the County government in the next 10 to 20 years?
  1. Maintaining quality leadership
  2. Communication and engagement with the public
  3. Making sure that necessary health and human services are available
  4. Preserving open space and parks
  5. Maintaining high quality emergency services
  6. Develop transportation alternatives to single passenger cars
  7. Creating affordable housing options
  8. Improving behavioral health services
  9. Increasing funding for K-12 schools
  10. Improving early childhood education
  11. Diverting individuals from the criminal justice system
  12. Reducing food insecurity
  13. Improve environmental sustainability
  14. Responding and adapting to climate change
  15. Other
[ Q1x15 ]
Please define "Other."
[ Q2 ]
Rate your level of agreement with the following sentences.
01. The County Government is well run
02. The Board of County Commissioners effectively manages County resources
03. The County does a good job managing its growth and development in rural (unincorporated) areas of the County
04. Management of juries for District Courts is professional and efficient
05. The County is prepared for an emergency
06. Polling places in the County are conveniently located and accessible
07. The County has enough early voting locations
08. The County provides adequate resources to those in need
09. The County does a good job keeping residents informed about County programs and services
10. My property is appraised fairly in the County
11. The County's web page is a useful source of information
12. The County's services and facilities for its aging and disabled populations are adequate
13. The County provides adequate amenities, access to leisure activities, and cultural activities
[ Q3 ]
Please CHECK ALL of the reasons why you choose to live in Orange County.
[ Q3x20 ]
Please define "Other."
[ Q4 ]
Which THREE of the items listed in Question 3 on the previous page will have the BIGGEST IMPACT on your decision to stay in the County over the next five years?
[ Q5 ]
How good of a job would you say the County government does communicating information about county issues, services, and performance to the public?
[ Q6 ]
Do you think you will be living in the County five years from now?
[ Q7 ]
Do you think the overall quality of life in the County is getting better, staying the same, or getting worse?