2023 Movability Commuter Survey

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Movability General
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[ Q1 ]
Are you a student?
[ Q2 ]
Do you regularly volunteer?
[ Q3 ]
Are you currently employed?
[ Q3a ]
Are you required to work from your office, workplace or job site a certain number of hours per week?
[ Q3b ]
How many hours per week are you required to be in your work site, school or volunteer location?
[ Q4 ]
To which type of place do you commute most often?
[ Q4a ]
What is the address or nearest intersection of this location?
[ Q5 ]
How many days per week (0-7 days) do you travel away from home to go to work, school, or a volunteer location? [If you telecommute and do not travel outside of your home for work, school, or a volunteer location select "0."]
[ Q6 ]
Regardless of your current work/school/volunteer arrangement, if you had a choice, would you want to...