2023 Wake Forest Parks and Recreation Survey

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Parks and Facilities Satisfaction
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[ Q1 ]
Including yourself, how many people in your household are...
[ Q2 ]
Please rate your satisfaction with each of the following Wake Forest parks and recreation facilities.
01. Ailey Young Park
02. Alston-Massenburg Center
03. Athletic fields
04. Cottage at Olde Mill Streams
05. DuBois Park
06. Dunn Creek Greenway
07. E. Carroll Joyner Park
08. Flaherty Dog Park
09. Flaherty Park Community Center
10. H. L. Miller Park
11. Heritage High Park
12. Holding Park
13. Holding Park Aquatic Center
14. J. B. Flaherty Park
15. Joyner Park Community Center
16. Kiwanis Greenway
17. Kiwanis Park
18. Northern Wake Senior Center
19. Outdoor Fitness Park
20. Pickleball courts
21. Plummer Park
22. Richard Creek Olde Mill Stream Greenway
23. Sanford Creek Heritage South Greenway
24. Smith Creek Burlington Mills Greenway
25. Smith Creek Soccer Center
26. Taylor Street Park
27. Tennis courts
28. Tyler Run Park
29. Wake Forest Community House
30. Wake Forest Renaissance Centre
31. Wake Forest Reservoir
32. Other
[ Q2x32 ]
Please define "Other."
[ Q3 ]
Which THREE of the parks/facilities listed in Question 2 do you and members of your household visit most often?