2024 Miami Beach Business Survey (V2)

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Satisfaction with City Services
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[ Q1 ]
Satisfaction with City Services. City services provided by the City of Miami Beach are listed below. Please rate each service.
01. Cleanliness of streets near your business
02. Cleanliness of canals/waterways
03. Condition of sidewalks (few or no cracks)
04. Condition of streets
05. Street lighting
06. Miami Beach trolley system
07. Miami-Dade County's bus service
08. Appearance and maintenance of the City's public buildings
09. Maintenance of parks
10. Landscape maintenance in right of way of City streets/public areas
11. Overall quality of the beaches
12. Garbage/trash collection
13. Police services
14. Emergency medical services
15. Fire services
16. Ocean rescue/lifeguard/beach patrol services
17. City's emergency/hurricane preparedness efforts
18. Efforts to address homelessness
19. Efforts to manage stormwater drainage and flooding
20. Reliability of potable (drinking) water
21. Reliability of sewer (wastewater) services
22. Quality of customer service
23. City efforts to keep businesses informed
[ Q2 ]
Which FIVE of the City services listed above do you think are most important for the City to provide?
[ Q3 ]
Do you think the Miami Beach Convention Center contributes positively to the overall value of doing business in Miami Beach?
[ Q3a ]
During the month of March, what kind of programming would complement the business community?
[ Q4 ]
Do you think the level and character of Miami Beach tourism adds value to the business community?
[ Q4x9 ]
Please explain: